Efficient Processes Exceeds Client Expectations

Today on NCIA Cannabis Industry Voice Bethany spoke with Carolyn Gerin and Lilli Keinaenen the co founders of Cannawise. Carolyn is a multi-hyphenate: a concept creator + brand builder from start to launch. She’s a strategic trend forecaster with an insatiable thirst for social, market and technology trends as they relate to creating or revitalizing a brand or campaign. She’s a 3-time bestselling author Chronicle Books Anti-Bride series, as well as a product developer; and has launched/published several first-to-market concepts. She’s a practitioner of the Triple Bottom methodology — People, Planet, Profits.

Lilli is a Swiss Army Knife: She built her company, Keinaenen Creative Services, into a thriving business. Her ‘git-er-done’ work ethic, thirst for truth coupled with efficient processes exceeds client expectations. Her focus has been nonprofit, environmental, social justice organizations, femmetrepreneurs, and innovative green products. She brings deep understanding of cultural trends and technologies to her process, and is a tireless champion/volunteer for the environment and social entrepreneurship.


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