Hawaiian Bluesman – Film

Client: Hawaiian Bluesman LLC

Location: Hawaii

What: Hawaiian Bluesman is a documentary film that tells the story of William Kahaialii (also known as  Willie K), a legend in Hawaii and quite possibly the greatest performer ever from the islands. Known for his diverse musical vocabulary that reaches deep into many genres of music; from Rock to Funk to Latin to Country to Jazz to Traditional Hawaiian to Opera to his deep cultural connection to the Blues. Willies guitar playing is an emotion, sometimes as explosive as an erupting volcano, sometimes as beautiful as a Hawaiian sunset. A master at many instruments with a vocal range beyond most. This film navigates through willie’s life and focuses on pivotal moments that are connections to his past. Connections that will bring him closer to his musical calling…the blues.

Deliverables: Branding, logo, messaging, filming, writing, directing, producing, social media, website, go-to-market strategy.

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