Client: State of Cannabis

Location: Long Beach, California

What: The State of Cannabis is a 2-day meeting of the minds where industry leaders, government, and regulators gather to create smart and sustainable cannabis policy. Some call it the ‘TED Conference of Weed.’  Founders, senators, congressmen and women, and thought leaders converge to bring the future of the federally regulated marketplace into focus. On the eve of the 2020 election, and with the fate of Democracy concurrently in flux with an impending impeachment, and the conference being strategically positioned across from the Democratic Convention, the State of Cannabis promises to be history in the making. 

The logo for the State of Cannabis 2019 starts with an ‘interstate sign’ to symbolize the interconnectedness of our nation. The wings of the logo are rendered as cannabis leaves, which lifts us across the interstate roads, and helps us take flight: for better health, for better business, for access to compassionate care. We unify under the flag, the roads, the wings, as an industry, and as a nation. ‘We Are the Policy Makers,’ canna-pros, and thought leaders, who bring structure to the Federal conversation: as legalization comes to our cities and states, it must do so in a safe, cogent and relatable way for all Americans. We seek to show what unites us, uplifts us, and propels us an industry and as a country. The State of Cannabis is where it all comes together, as the story of legalization needs to be told by us, or it will be told for us. We are the State of Cannabis. 

Deliverables: Brand, messaging, signage (flag), collateral (conference bags). Print brokering, and management.

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