Client: Trulevia

Location: Dripping Springs, Texas

What: Trulevia will be one of the first Dripping Springs, TX cannabis dispensaries focusing on CBD wellness solutions with a rustic, Texas twist, and launching January 1, 2020. Founder, Haley Hunt is a former nurse who seeks to help former patients, friends and neighbors unlock the power of the plant from her very own dispensary. Her focus will be on the medical and wellness needs of patients. Top products source in the lone star state, as well as Trulevia formulations will be offered, as well as onsite activations such as infused tea parties, holiday gatherings and health events will be offered throughout the year. The brand look is vintage Texas, complete with that yellow rose, but look closer for the reveal, as it’s joined with the cannabis leaf (without being too ‘on the nose’). 

Deliverables: Brand, messaging, signage, collateral, bags and apparel, dispensary design, website, go-to-market strategy + market positioning, and origin story.