Carolyn Gerin

Brand Strategist, Co-Founder


Carolyn is the co-founder, a strategic branding firm with expertise in retail product launches, brand development/strategy, and media, to companies in the B2B and B2C cannabis economy.

Cheat Sheet:


Subset Inc., San Francisco, CA: award winning digital design, print, web and product development agency with state, national and global clients.


Anti-Bride, bestselling 3-book series, Chronicle Books

Sr. Editor

Destination I Do Magazine, published internationally


WedTech Summit/WedTech University


University of Maryland, College Park B.S. Advertising Design

University of Baltimore, M.A. Publication Design 

Graduate Fellow/Scholarship

Ampersand Award + grant recipient (Departmental award given to one student who shows exceptional skill in the creation of words and images in equal measure)

Spirit of Excellence Award + grant recipient (University-wide award given to top students in every department).

Skill Set

Prolific concept creator and brand builder from start to launch. Strategic trend forecaster with an insatiable thirst for social, market and technology trends as they relate to marketing, company initiatives, and the project at hand.

Professional skill set:

Art/creative direction, design, branding and brand strategy, marketing and business development, strategic partnerships, campaign ideation/creation, social media strategies/platform development; copywriting for advertising, editorial, product, collateral, pitch, book, and web; leader of creative and technical teams with razor sharp execution and multidisciplinary collaboration.

Interpersonal Attributes

Attitude-free team leader, solution provider; seeker of truth and efficiency in all processes from concept to delivery. A left/right brain creative with a blue collar soul, who channels and implements the form follows function manifesto with a sense of humor and diplomacy. Always follows the ‘do, not try’ directive, along with the Triple Bottom Line philosophy of business: People, Planet, Profits. Drama diffuser and humanist with a belief that everyone from the receptionist to the CEO has something to teach.