Lilli Keinaenen

Co-Founder, Creative Director


Lilli is now the co-founder and creative director of, a strategic branding firm with expertise in retail product launches, brand development/strategy, and media, to companies in the B2B and B2C cannabis economy.


Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Bachelor’s degree in design/print, design history, and fine art.

Professional Skill set:

Design, branding, layout, copy & proofreading, illustrations, packaging, publication design, web design, presentations …

Lilli is a powerhouse: a one woman creative agency. She built her company, Keinaenen Creative Services, from scratch into a thriving business, Built a solid foundation without marketing or advertising. Her work ethic, thirst for truth and efficiency keeps the clients rolling in the door. She focuses on nonprofit organizations, femmetrepreneurs, green and cannabis-focused businesses both locally and globally.

Before moving to San Francisco from her native Finland, she worked at a small ad agency, Atomi Creative Marketing, in Tampere, Finland, handling European and global brands. 

Interpersonal Attributes:

Nothing escapes her radar vision: she’s constantly striving to stay on top of current trends and technologies, find the perfect fit for each client. Her education was based on the Bauhaus methodology, so form follows function is a mantra that informs her lives work. She is also a tireless champion for the environment and social justice. 

Whenever she can, Lilli donates her time for her pro bono clients.


Find her designing for good at