Cannawise Brand Cultivators
We’re small but mighty: 2 gals, designers + brand experts who are:

Team Cannawise

A team of experienced brand creatives who’ve successfully launched companies and campaigns locally, nationally, and globally. Brands love us because they aren’t paying for our swanky offices; we love it because we don’t have to be in one. This business model saves our clients a chunk of change — up to 40% off a standard brick and mortar agency bill.

Plus, you get an award-winning duo with ‘bonafides’ tearing into your account — road time matters.

More experience + passion, less overhead


We’ve worked with Fortune 500 brands, and have launched products, campaigns, and brands on the local, national and global stage.

  • Nonprofits
  • Activism in the environmental and social justice fields
  • Retail consumer goods and brands
  • Beauty and personal care
  • Technology, business development, and startups
  • Small businesses, women-owned businesses
  • Magazines, book publishers, and news agencies
  • Medical & recreational cannabis.

We are bestselling authors, journalists, ad execs, campaign creators, copywriters, storytellers, product developers, art/creative directors, coders, app developers, and branded content pioneers. 


We seek to improve things: we’re systems thinkers, and problem solvers; market differentiators, not decorators. We create and position your brand to stand out from your competitors. Although we have big agency experience, we work with a variety of companies and budgets.

We have deep respect for the starter uppers, the scrappy doers, and the dreamers – people who believe they’ve got what it takes. We love helping new-to-market and revitalizing existing companies to engage in the most lucrative industry in the US.

Collaboration, authenticity, and time to market (especially when in lockstep with industry events) is key. We bring our expertise and relationships — a valuable intangible — to the table.

The goal: Triple Bottom Line wins — People, Planet, Profits.

Let us show you how we can maximize your budget
and deliver solutions for your brand or business

Cannabiz is one of the last pure communities of outliers:
built on belief, relief, and a need to create change for good.
We want to work with heroes who provoke us:
rebels, true believers, and change agents.