History, Mastery, Wisdom.

Cannawise is a full-service creative agency. We create compelling brands, storytelling and strategy; online brand management, campaigns, digital experiences, and retail product launch. We deliver market share for our clients in the B2B/B2C cannabis economy, and awareness for cannabis advocacy organizations and institutions. Cultivating brands worldwide.


We respect what came before us, and have a deep knowledge of art and design history. We are a perfect storm: where analog meets digital. We’ve lived through some trends, created a few, and will make a few more. Our mission: build solid brands and stories that endure, and have resonance: every client and business can be relevant at any age, and any stage. We have decades of agency experience, but burned the ships and came to cannabis. Some ask, why weed? Clearly, we’re in the center of the most prolific ‘green rush’ in history — an entire industry built around a miracle plant that could sell itself if it weren’t so stigmatized. In response, Cannawise.co was formed, to bring everything in our creative wheelhouse to raise the boats, bring best practices to the equation, promote the plant, and improve the businesses of our clients with successful brand solutions.


We are utilitarian creators: a mix of elevated design sensibility and a blue collar soul. We aren’t decorators, we’re systems thinkers and problem solvers. We make things, break things, and build things better. We can unpack the guts of your company’s ‘brand soul’ and get the voice, look, feel, and social footprint to align with your go-to-market strategy. If your brand already exists, perhaps it needs revitalization: to extend, grow or change — we’ve got you. We speak truth, and bring clarity — it may sting a little in the beginning, but trust us, you’ll thank us later when you’re the proud parent of a brand you love. We get to the point and don’t waste your time: no one in this industry has much of that to spare. We know you’re racing to get to market and it’s a white-knuckle ride — luckily, we don’t rattle easily, it’s not our first time to the rodeo. In this industry, you need to be nimble and adaptable, especially when the goal posts keep moving.


We bring everything we’ve got to the cannabis table: books we’ve written, films we’ve made, brands, retail products, packaging, and magazines we’ve designed, campaigns we’ve launched, events we’ve founded, movements, trends, and communities we’ve created. We also showcase work we’ve built outside of the cannabis industry, because building a brand — be it weed or widgets — is the same creative process — just new rules. We’ve worked with Fortune 50 brands, celebrities, ‘Big Five’ publishing firms, punk bands and taco stands. Beyond the the words and images, there’s the people part: we foster valuable strategic partnerships,  friendships, and event tribes that stick together based on trust, belief and good work. We bring our history, mastery and wisdom to you with the hope of creating abundance for all. Like the owl, we will listen closely for what others may not hear.